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3 Great Reasons To Use CMC

1. Designed by Some of the Best Mental Trainers in the World
Our retention rate is over 90%. This tells us we have satisfied clients who are getting the results they expect. To create the Certified Mental Coach course, we combined our knowledge with that of other top sports psychologists to create a first class system that teaches the coach how to improve athlete performance.

2. Learn the Same Skills Used by Professional and Olympian Athletes
The higher the talent, the greater the need for mental toughness. Professional and Olympic athletes are under enormous pressure to perform well. They all have outstanding physical skills, so the only thing that sets one apart from the other is often their mental toughness. If these athletes can benefit from mental training, you can now teach it to them.

3. Automated and Affordable 
Until now, mental training has been reserved only for those who could afford to hire a one-on-one mental trainer or sports psychologist. It’s been a long standing dream of ours that anyone who wanted it could have access to customized mental training, regardless of income level, skill level or location.

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